Friday, March 9, 2012

One Month Old!

Connor is one month old today! Fastest month ever. Twice today he seemed like he smiled at me while he was awake. It was probably facial muscles responding to physical stimulus and not a real, intentional smile but it was still super cute!

Noah was especially interested in Connor this morning, which was both cute and stressful. He brought him the stuffed monkey, his (very hard) toy Thomas train, and tried numerous times to give him kisses and touch his mouth and eyes. Noah loves to say "baby!" and point to or pat Connor any place he can reach. I'd like to start giving Connor some more tummy time, but it may have to be limited to during Noah's naps for the little guy's safety!

Last night and tonight Connor has been fussier and gassier than usual. He seems to be showing signs of acid reflux. We may have to put him on the same antacid medicine Noah was on for a bit, it's so sad to see him wince, cry and stretch his little neck after spitting up. Knock on wood, Connor does not spit up nearly as much as Noah did, thankfully!

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