Tuesday, July 10, 2012

First "food"!!

 We gave Connor rice cereal for the first time tonight!   James took pictures, this one is overexposed and blurry, but you can see his eye color well. It appears as though we have a green eyed boy! :)    His eyes often reflect what he is wearing, so some times they look bluer or almost black but I think his real eye color is a beautiful olive green shade.
 Here, we go, first bite!
 Hey this stuff is pretty good!

 More please!
You're going too slow! Here, I'll eat my fingers while I'm waiting for the next bite.

Connor then actually got really upset and uncharacteristically cried for a while before I could calm him down. I guess we should not have tried to feed him with a slow spoon when he was hungry.

We've since tried cereal again (when he wasn't super hungry) and he enjoyed it much more. Woops! 

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